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Solving the air crisis
for the future of our home planet

Our Mission:

Perfecting indoor climate today, for a better climate tomorrow

A third of the world's energy is consumed by heating and cooling indoor spaces. This contributes to CO2 emissions, climate change and poor air quality. That's why we're driven to create products that help you control your indoor climate, save energy and stay healthy. Together, we can make an impact on our planet's climate.

The Story

It was the summer of 2004 and Omer Enbar was dreading the idea of returning to his sweltering apartment after a rigorous bike commute home. By rigging an IR blaster to an old laptop and some coding magic, he would activate his AC by sending an email titled "AC on".  He was now able to activate his AC just before his bike ride home.

Years had gone by and this pet project lay forgotten, until 2013 when Omer was discussing climate change with a friend, who referenced a recent article about the effects of air conditioners on energy and CO2 emissions.

It was then that Omer teamed up with his friend, future co-founder, Ran Roth to begin manually building the first Sensibo prototypes. These prototypes were tested on friends and families until the concept was perfected. The two officially co-founded Sensibo in 2014 through a crowdfunding campaign.

Since launching, Sensibo has grown into a global brand with global implications in the fight for a cleaner planet and comfy homes.

Climate Comfort on a Global Scale

Making homes more comfortable today to ensure our planet stays comfortable for generations

Cold air is warming our planet. Sounds silly right? But consider this; the more we rely on CO2 emitting air conditioning technologies the faster our climate changes. And the more our climate changes the more we rely on energy consuming air conditioning to live comfortably.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Our AI powdered algorithms ensure that you waste less energy at home, reducing your carbon footprint globally 

Saving Money & Energy

A device that pays for itself in less than a year is something to celebrate, our customers love our money saving tech

Promoting Health & Awareness

Indoor air quality sensors & purifiers promote global health & awareness to the dangers of indoor air pollution

Our Impact

Indoor climate management isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential. In the United States, heating and cooling makes up 43% of total energy use. That’s why the automation and optimization of such devices so thoroughly drives our mission and our values.

In 2022, our product ecosystem helped hundreds of thousands of households and businesses reduce emissions, breathe cleaner air, and spend less on their energy bills. Download our end-of-year climate summary to see how our products help address climate change.

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Working at Sensibo

We are a dedicated team working together towards solving a big challenge, developing our skills and fulfilling ourselves. Sensibo is a fast-growing startup with a unique vision. We are building a first-class indoor climate and air quality consumer brand with international reach. We are launching new products and services in indoor air quality and climate control. We strive to make a real impact by supporting the green transition and zero carbon vision, by enabling customers to save energy, increase their comfort and improve their health.Join us to make a real impact on the lives of millions around the world, and have fun while doing it.

Work with us!

Leadership Team

Our experienced team comes from a variety of industries, all with a commitment to excellence, climate tech, and seeing the air in our homes and businesses grow cleaner than ever before. Each step we take is in the name of our customers’ health and the state of our climate. 

Co-founder & CEO

Ran Roth

Co-founder & COO

Omer Enbar

VP Operations

Oranit Dragucki

VP Sales & BD

Kobi Manzaly


Gilad Gershtein

VP Marketing

Or Gottlib

VP Commercial

Guy Shamni