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Breathe betterwith Sensibo’s Air Quality Products

Protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous pollutants, including PM2.5 & Co2

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Why your home’s air quality needs Sensibo

Suffering from Allergies?

 Sensibo’s air quality products can identify allergen levels in your home, and ventilate your room’s air when levels get too high.

Is it hazy outside?

Sensibo’s air quality products can alert you to spikes in outdoor conditions, providing tips to protect your home’s air.

Have children at home?

Poor air quality can affect kids’ development and scholastic performance, but they can breathe better with Sensibo’s air quality products

Been sleeping well?

Sleep quality is heavily affected by the air you breathe. Cleaner air means better sleep. So, breathe better with Sensibo’s air quality products.

Sensibo Air Pro

An All-in-One Smart AC Controller With Air Quality Monitoring

Control your AC with your phone

Save money on energy bills

Breathe safer air & increase comfort

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The Benefits of Sensibo Elements


Increase Energy & Focus

Indoor air pollution has been linked to a reduced energy levels and focus. Energize your life by unlocking the power of cleaner air with the Sensibo Elements.


Protect Your Loved Ones

According to the WHO 93% of children are breathing toxic air on a regular basis. The result of this is a range of catastrophic health effects. Make your home a safe space for you and your loved ones.


Improve Your Sleep Quality

Our sleep is directly tied to the air we breathe in the night. Breathing in dust and other pollutants leads to poor sleep and less energy. The Sensibo Elements will alert you to high levels of dust in your bedroom.


Reduce Eye, Nose & Throat Irritation

Our air carries a number of pollutants that we breathe on a regular basis. From dust, mold, volatile organic compounds and ethanol. Take control of your indoor air quality and start living a healthier life.


Protect Against Outdoor Pollution

Wildfires, automobiles and factories pollute the air we breathe outdoors but these pollutants can travel hundreds of miles and end up polluting our homes air. Know when outdoor pollution is rising and protect the air you breathe.

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