Sensibo Elements

Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Protect your family from the effects of breathing dangerous pollutants,
including PM2.5 & Co2, with our indoor air quality monitor

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Why your home needs Sensibo Elements

Struggling with allergies?

Sensibo Elements can help identify allergen levels in your home

Is it hazy out?

Sensibo Elements can alert you when conditions get bad, so you can act

Got kids at home?

Sensibo Elements will show when air quality levels spike in their rooms

Not sleeping well?

Sensibo Elements may show that the air quality in your home is to blame

Have a pet or two?

Sensibo Elements can tell you when their bad fur days mean lots of dander

Struggling with mold?

Sensibo Elements can tell you which rooms are worse off, helping you identify the source

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סנסיבו אלמנטס

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