Sensibo Chat-AI - Powered by GPT4

Leverage your AC usage to make your AC even smarter with Sensibo Chat-AI. By using the last 30 days of your unique AC usage Sensibo can suggest AC automations based on your habits. 

Suggested Schedules

Smart AC systems have transcended the days of manually programming schedules to maintain your ideal temperature. Now, Intelligent Scheduling enables your air conditioning unit to recommend the perfect cooling or heating schedules based on your recent usage.

Your Smart AC system, powered by advanced AI technology like GPT-4, analyzes your recent usage patterns. It observes your AC's 'on' and 'off' times, discerning a pattern to predict your needs. Using this information, the system suggests schedules that sync with your lifestyle, enhancing comfort when you're home and promoting energy efficiency when you're away.

Consider this: your Smart AC notices that you frequently turn your AC on when you arrive home from work at 6 PM and off when you leave at 8 AM. Capitalizing on this pattern, it would suggest a schedule that turns your AC on just before you arrive home, ensuring you walk into a perfectly cooled or heated environment.

Climate React Set-Point

Climate React Set-PointComfort is a deeply personal experience, often hinging on finding the perfect temperature that suits our unique preferences. This is where Climate React's Personalized Temperature Suggestions come into play. This feature intelligently deduces your preferred comfort temperature based on your AC usage, helping you maintain the ideal climate.

By observing when and at what temperature you usually turn your AC on or off, the system infers your comfort zone. If you frequently turn your AC on when it's warmer than 27 degrees, or off when it drops below 22 degrees, for example, it will use these data points to suggest your ideal comfort temperature. This intelligent observation and analysis make your Smart AC a true ally in maintaining your ideal indoor climate, adapting to your needs as they change with the weather or your personal comfort preferences.

Sensibo Plus

Sensibo Plus comes packed with features that will bring you additional savings and automation to your AC unit. Get useful statistics, advanced scheduling, anomaly detection and AC system healthchecks.